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When i am working hard or stressed my sex drive nose-dives. Why is this ?

Stress is unquestionably a major cause of declining libido. Although the body needs its stress response to deal with everyday life. if stress is prolonged or extreme, the response can have negetave effects on many aspects of health - including hormone balance. 

Testosterone is a steroid hormone, derived from cholesterol. Another important steroid hormone is cortisol, which is secreted as part of the body's response to stress. Both testosterone and cortisol are derived from progesterone. At times of stress, progesterone may make cortisol in preference to testosterone to help you cope with the strain, and this can leave you short on testosterone - and hence sex drive. Although in more serious cases, testosterone medication (on prescription only) may help, it is not getting to the root cause of the deficiency.

The real answer is to chill out, take some time off and give your sex drive breathing space. 

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