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What is your view on flouride ?

The debate as to whether fluoride is beneficial or outright dangerous has been raging since it was first put into British water supplies in 1964, in Birmingham. The theory is that by drinking water containing fluoride (a waste product from the petrochemical and fertiliser industries), you are less likely to need filings because it re-mineralises tooth enamel and prevents bacteria in the mouth from producing the acid that causes tooth decay. In fact, many factors contribute to tooth decay: poor nutrition, high sugar intake, poor dental hygiene, a predisposition to the condition and so on. So fluoride plays a small role in protecting teeth, and some would say a harmful one in other ways: scientific reports increasingly link and accumulation of fluoride in the body to a higher risk of mottled teeth, hip fracture, and poor mental development in children. So it is recommended that while putting fluoride on the surface of your teeth via toothpaste may reduce tooth decar, taking it into the body may be bad for you.

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