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What is your view on clingfilm and aluminium foil - are these harmful ?

As long as they do not touch your food, they are fine, especially the 'non-PVC' types. Clingfilm, like some other plastics, may release hormone-mimicking chemicls into your food, especially oily food. This process and the potential risks are far from fully understood, but while uncertainty persists, it is better to be cautious. The effects of plastics on our reproductive health are the cause of some concern in research circles at present. This is not an issue if the film does not touch your food, and if you use it to keep food such as salads fresh in storage, it is very useful. It is also less likely to be a problem if you wrap non-oily foods such as sandwiches in clingfilm.

Aluminium foil is a similar case. If you use it to cover something you are baking in the oven but it does not touch the food, then that would not cause a problem. Aluminium foil ( or cookware or utensils, for that matter) in contact with food with leach small amounts of aluminium into your food. It is not recommended grilling pieces of meat directly on aluminium foil. If you are deficient in zinc or calcium, for instance, you are more likely to absorb the aluminium. It is toxic to the nervous system and has been linked to various problems from hyperactivity in children to Alzheimer's in the elderly

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