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What is your view on cat's claw ?

The Peruvian rainforest herb Uncaria tomentose, or cat's claw, is one of the most powerful immune-boosting, detoxifying and anti-cancer herbs yet discovered. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and so it can be helpful for people with arthritis, asthma and eczema. Some people find it helps soothe their digestion too. People who live in the rainforests make a tea from the thorny bark of this plant, which looks like cat's claws, as a daily tonic. In Peru it is best known for its anti-cancer properties, and has been well proven to stimulate phagocytosis, the process by which the body's immune system destroys misbehaving cells and unwanted organisms such as bacteria or viruses.

If you are fighting an infection, are run down or on the verge of a cold, taking 2g of cat's claw a day can really revive you fast. Make sure you buy a brand that is made from the bark of the tree, not the roots, as digging up the roots kills the plant and so is not a sustainable method of harvesting it.

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