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What is the best way to detoxify after a festive period ?

The festive season can be a marathon for your liver, and giving your body an early spring-cleaning can be a great way start once the season is over. First off, drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day: water is the best detoxifier of all, so stay with this. Come right off all savouries as well as other things that put a burden on your body's cleansing processes, such as coffee, tea, sugary foods, sweet drinks, fried foods, cheese and fatty meat. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, organic if possible (especially broccoli, cabbage, onions, garlic and kale). Fresh vegetable juices are very cleansing - carrot juice is widely available these days, or invest in a juicer. And eat fibre-rich foods such as beans and wholegrains like brown rice.

To support your system while you are doing this, it is recommended having a shot of aloe vera juice every day, upping your vitamin C intake and also adding in the herb milk thistle. Take three 1g vitamin C tablets a day for one week, then cut back to one a day. Milk thistle capsules are readily available from healthfood shops. Your liver's other best friend is sulphur.  A highly bio-available form of sulphur called MSM can certainly help you detoxify, while also improving your skin, hair and nails. Take three 1g MSM tablets daily for a week, then cut back to one a day. 

Combining MSM with vitamin C and water is great, but the best thing of all is to stir a heaped teaspoon, about 5g, of glutamine powder into a glass of water and drink this before going to bed. Glutamine not only helps the liver to detoxify; it also heals the digestive tract.

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