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What is the best prevention, and cure, for holiday diarrhoe ?

If you are off to an exotic location, start taking a good probiotic supplement containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum for one week before you go, and continue while you are out there. Make sure to take one that does not need refrigeration. This helps build up the good bacteria in the intestines so the bad guys are less likely to take hold.

If you do not get a bout of dairrhoe, take grapefruit seed extract, 15 drops three times a day, and drink plenty of water or diluted fruit juice. Do no eat for 24 hours, then start back on food with boiled rice and grated apple, which contains pectin that is binding. Take the probiotics for another two weeks when you get home. Combining them with glutamin powder speeds up recovery. Health Nutrition recommend hald a teaspoon of probiotic powder containing acidophilus and bifidum with a heaped teaspoon (5 grams) of glutamine powder in water, away from food.

Vitamin A is essential for maintaining strong cellular membranes throughout the body, including the gut. The richest source of vitamin A is meat - but this, along with unpeeled vegetables and fruits, is the most likely sources of holiday diarrhoe, so eat with caution if at all. If you do stay largely vegetarian supplement with 2,250 mcg (7,500iu) of vitamin A a day, preferably in a good multivitamin. Essential fats are also crucial for cell repair. You can get them from seeds and oily fish, but if these are in short supply it is a good idea to take supplements along.

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