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What is a good diet for me ? I am a teenage school girl.

That depends a lot on your current health and lifestyle. Aside from following the recommendations for an optimal diet ( see What are your basic guidelines for an optimally healthy diet ? ), there are a few other points you might consider.

Ensuring your hormones are healthy involves eating enough fat - but the right kind. Less meat, dairy, fried food, damaged fats (in many processed foods), and more seeds, nuts avocados and oily fish - sardines, mackerel, and organically farmed or wild salmon. Avoiding acne involves many things, but the vital elements are reducing sugar and junk food in your diet, drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to cleanse you system. ( see also My teenage son has acne. Is there anything he can take, in addition to eating a healthy diet ? )

Controlling your weight is not about skipping meals, but instead eating small amounts of healthy food regularly throughout the day - breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a fruit snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. And exercising. This keeps your metabolic rate up, so you burn energy faster, whereas skipping meals or dieting slows it down and makes it much harder to lose weight.

These tips - eating good fats, eating small meals frequently, plenty of fruits and vegetables, less sugar and junk food, and so on - will also help your brain function well to get you through the stresses of school work.

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