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What do you recommend for someone with lots of allergies ?

With allergies, it is important to remember that the problem is usually not the food, but how your body is reacting to it - and that means inflammation. This is particularly obvious when you have got a long list of allergies. So controlling inflammation nutritionally is key. It is important to reduce your intake of meat (such as chicken and lamb) and dairy, while upping the amount of anti-inflammatory foods you eat, including only fish (sardines, herring, mackerel, organically farmed or wild salmon) and seeds (flax, sunflower and pumpkin). You can also supplement fish oils, ideally 1 gram a day giving 300mg of EPA and 200mg of DHA, and such excellent natural anti-inflammatory herbal remedies as boswellia, from Indian frankincense, and curcumin, from turmeric and ginger. Try avoiding wheat and eat oat or rice instead for 10 days, as wheat can irritate the gut and make you prone to other sensitivities. Most impotantly, get yourself tested with a proper food intolerance blood test.

It is also possible you have a condition called 'leaky gut', where stress, alcohol and other factors make the lining of the intestine increasingly permeable; when this happens, fragments rather than molecules of food can enter the bloodstream, where the immune system treats them as invaders. To treat a leaky gut, you need to strictly avoid foods you are sensitive to, and repair the gut lining with nutrients such as glutamine. It is best to work with a nutritional therapist who can test you for allergies and intolerances, check if you have leaky gut and design programme to meet your particular needs.

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