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My son is four and still has trouble controlling his bladder. Are there any nutrional or alternative therapies that may help ?

If your son is wetting his bed, this could be due to a food allergy, a weak bladder or a persistent bladder infection. Diabetes is another possible cause, usually acompanied by excessive thirst. It is worth seeing your GP to discover whether he has an infection. If not, you should see a urologist to rule out the possibility of his having a weak or a very small bladder. Try and discover whether he is allergic to a certain food and discover whether he is allergic to a certain food or foods. Bear in mind that wheat, dairy, eggs, citrus, chocolate and soya are among the most common allergens. You could try excluding one group from his diet at a time. Start with one food, eliminate completely for 10 days, then reintroduce it and monitor the results. If all seems to be well, repeat the process with the next food group. You can also test for allergies.

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