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My skin gets really irritated when i shave. Any suggestions ?

Supersensitive skin is a very common problem among men. Generally speaking, the better your nutrition, the smoother your skin is likely to be, and the less likely it is to become inflamed. Eating a lot of fried food, or drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking, will all leave your skin ultrasensitive and prone to becoming sore and raw when you shave.

That's the inside-out story. You will also need to look at the way you shave. When preparing for a shave, do not use very hot water on the skin as this will just irritate it before you have even begun. Most shaving foams are alkaline, stripping the skin of its acid mantle - use a shaving oil instead. Try to use one which are label with "Dermatologically Safe" and which also contains essential oils that help to calm down the skin after shaving, too.

Another common mistake is to shave against the direction of hair growth. While this does give a close shave, it further irritates the skin. It it better to shave in the direction of hair growth with a very sharp razor. Shaving effectively removes the top layer of skin cells, leaving the skin prone to inflammation, so after shaving, use a good moisturized or apply some aloe vera gel.

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