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My husband has an alcohol problem. Are there any nutritional remedies that can help him come off the booze ?

The main thing is to reduce his cravings. There is a Chinese herb called kudzu root that appears to reduce dependency on alcohol - its Chinese nickname translate as 'drunkenness dispeller'. In a seven-week trial, 64 per cent of participants taking the root claimed to be drinking less and having fewer cravings; they also said they had more energy and were more alert. Your husband will also need to keep to keep his sugar levels balanced throughout the day, another excellent way of reducing cravings. That means eating little and often. A nutrient that is particularly useful, both for stabilising blood sugar and healing the gut, which gets damaged by alcohol, is glutamine, which provides the brain with fuel. Have your husband take 3 grams three times a day. Since alcohol depletes just about every known nutrient, it is well worth suggesting he go on a comprehensive daily supplement programme, including a high strength multivitamin, an antioxidant complex, 2 grams of vitamin C and some essential omega-3 and 6 oils.

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