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My child's asthma is worse in the city. What can i do about this ?

Apart from moving to the country, there are measures you can take. But first, a look at urban pollution - Pollution in cities is know to exarceberate asthma and now 1 in 5 children display asthmatic symptoms. Because it is harder to avoid than other contributors such as food intolerance, the first step is to make sure you are easing the burden where you can reduce your child's respiratory sensitivity. Essential fats are also essential for asthmatic sufferers, so these are your starting points - avoid food intolerances and increase essential fats. Either give your child a ground dessertspoon of flax seed on their morning cereal, or three servings a week of oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, organically farmed or wild salmon or trout.

Avoid going out on a particularly smoggy days, such as when temperature inversions trap smog-laden air close to the ground. Extremes in temperature can make breathing more difficult, so again, avoid going out in extremely cold or hot weather, when going in and out of vehicle and/or buildings can result in huge temperature fluctuations. 

Help your child improve their breathing capacity through exercise especially swimming. You can also train your child in the Buteyko method of breathing. Another brilliant way to improve breathing was invented by a life-long asthma sufferer called Frank Goddard. Frank invented a highly effective lung exercise tube that trains you to breath in a way that helps bring oxygen to the brain and reduce the symptoms of asthma. These tubes cost very little. 

Asthma supplementation recommendations are vitamin C (2g a day), magnesium (300mg a day) and omega-3 fish oils (1g a day). Give a quarted of these amounts to child under 6 and half these amounts to a child aged 6 to 12.

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