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Mental Health

Emotional wellbeing and clear thinking are as vital to health as a fit, well-nourished body. Yet according to the World Health Organization, mental health problems are fast becoming the number one health issue for the 21st century. 1 in 10 people is suffering from such conditions such as depression at any point in time, and one if four is diagnosed with a mental health problem at some point in their life.

The statistics may be grim but current research shows this story could have a very different ending - that the right nutrition can vanquish much of this misery, and even overturn serious psychosis. It has been found by some researchers, for instance, that supplementing large amount of certain nutrients can alleviate the symptoms of schizophrenia. But optimum nutrition is also enormously effective at staving off depression, anxiety, poor concentration and all the other bugbears of our hectic lives. Here we deal with questions and concerns about a wide range of mental health issues relevant to all of us.

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