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Is there anything i can give my child to speed up recovery from an asthma attack ?

The mineral magnesium, which is a natural relaxant, has been shown to help some asthma sufferers. It is thought that it helps to relax the restricted airways in the bronchioles leading to the lungs. One study showed that people given magnesium through a drip recovered three times faster from an asthma attack. You can give your child 300mg magnesium a day to help prevent attacks and pop 300mg if they start to feel wheezy.

It is ideal, of course, to avoid having an attack in the first place. All sorts of foods can trigger attacks, most commonly dairy products, wheat and yeast, so avoiding these could help. Many people with asthma find that taking the omega-6 oil GLA, found in evening primrose or starflower oil, helps because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Give the child 150mg twice a day. Although there is little research on asthma and omega-3 fats, these are very powerful anti-inflammatories and it is recommended also supplementing 1 gram of fish oil providing 300mg of EPA and DHA. Some supplements combine GLA, EPA and DHA so you can kill two birds with one stone.

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