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Is it bad to have too much sex ?

From a nutritional point of view, it becomes bad for a man to have too much sex because it usually results in a depletion of zince, among other nutrients, through ejaculation. Sperm is incredibly rich in nutrients and, in a sence, too many ejaculations rob you of these. Of course, provided you replace the zinc and other minerals, vitamins and essential fats, there should be no problem.

Interestingly, the net result of long-term zinc depletion would be growth problems and poor eye-sight. So the old wives tale about masturbation may be true after all! In the 18th century it was said that masturbation could make you mentally ill. Now we also know that zinc deficiency can cause depression, so, if you find yourself feeling low the day after a lot of sex, now you know why. There is another view of depletion via sex, concerning your vital energy, know as chi or ki in East Asian traditions. As you would expect, there is a lot of chi in sperm, and it is lost in the process of orgasm. It is possible that women may also experience a loss of vital energy this way.

But let's not forget the masssive plus side: sex is a great way to feel connected, and a fantastic relaxant. You will just need to monitor how you feel the next day - more tired or more energised. Usual verdict is everything in moderation, including moderation.

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