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Is an isotonic sports drink the best way to fuel a day's walking ?

It's a bit of a buzzword, isotonic. What you are looking to do is replace minerals lost through excessive perspiration - sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride. Also, muscles use up calcium and magnesium during prolonged exertion. And your blood sugar dips, so you need a relatively fast-releasing sugar, at least when you are climbing up a mountain.

You can make your own mineral-rich energy cocktail to carry with you: coconut water is particularly good for the minerals, grape juice for fast-releasing sugars and apple juice for more sustining energy. Recommended are apples for walking and bananas for climbing. Most so-called isotonic drinks are just glucose and water, with a few added minerals. Quite acceptable, and welcome, if you have just climbed a mountain, but otherwise (or anyways) stick to these other natural 'isotonic' foods and drinks.

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