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If i eat something i am allergic to, what does it do to my body ?

Allergic reactions range from the barely noticeable to the extremely severe, up to and including death. In essence, your body has developed an over-sensitivity to the molecular structure of a certain food, inappropriately identifying it as a foreign invader, that requires a defensive response to protect you from the attack. This immune response sets off various chemical reactions in the body, often causing inflammation that can manifest in different ways in different people.

Common symptoms include headaches, diarhoe, rashes, fatigue, mental fogginess, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, sinus problems, acne, abdominal pain, bloating and eczema. Common conditions that are often exacerbated by food allergies include arthritis, ME, migraines and anxiety. The very severe kinds of reaction can induce vomiting, severe rashes, severe digestive problems and anaphylactic shock, and people prone to these will need to exercise great vigilance in avoiding the foods that provoke them. You can get yourself tested for food sensitivities, though the important thing to remember is that it is not the food that is the problem, but how your body reacts to it. So considering ways to reduce inflammatory response - such as getting sufficient omega-3 essential fats by eating oily fish, seeds and oils - is a good place to start adressing the cause of the allergy, not just the symptoms.

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