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I rarely have orgasms. Have you got any suggestion?

You are not alone. One survey in the US found that as many as one in three women rarely achieved orgasms with sex. Apart from technique, and there are many books now that explain how to maximise stimulation, there are some biochemical imbalances that can lower your odds of having an orgasm.

If you have a hormonal imbalance resulting in too little testosterone, you may have difficulty attaining orgasm. Testosterone is made from progesterone and many women have low levels. A nutritional therapist can measure your progesterone and testosterone levels in saliva and advise you on what to do. Studies have shown that giving women testosterone implants raises their sex drive - with significant improvements in sexual desire, fantasy and response and a decrease in painful sex due to lack of excitement and lubrication.

It is suspected that our ever-increasing exposure to oestrogen-like compounds found in pesticides, some plastics, household cleaning products, industrial pollutants and pharmaceutical drugs may be messing up the normal hormone production and messaging that contributes to a healthy sexual system. When men are exposed to high amounts of such so-called xeno-oestrogens, they can develop female characteristics such as breast growth. At the same time, these chemicals affect sex drive and other particularly male characteristics such as muscular strength and development.

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