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I often get constipated when i fly. How can i prevent this ?

Flying is not only severely dehydrating, it also disturbs the normal balance of gut bacteria. That is why it is essential to drink a lot of water when you are flying, even if that means you pee a lot. It is recommended a glass of water every hour, and complete avoidance of alcohol, which will simply amplify the dehydration you are exposed to. Always take a few pieces of fruit along when travelling too. Fruit provides a lot of water, plus many other nutrients, thus making it a healthy alternative to the usually sub-standard airline food.

It also helps to up your intake of vitamin C to 3 grams a day for the day of travel and a day after. When you land, take half a teaspoon of probiotics (acidophilus and bifidus bacteria), and make sure you eat a lot of water-rich foods. This means more fruits, and vegetables (taking into account local hygiene - you may need to stick to peelable types), and drinking enough water. Also, get some exercise. Sitting for a day is in itself constipating.

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