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How long should a detox last ?

There are many ways to detoxify and many programmes you can follow. Your needs will differ depending on your toxic load, and some people, such as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or those using medical or recreational drugs, should be very careful and only go for mild forms of cleansing such as two to three-day detoxes and skin brushing. This is because drugs and other toxins are stored in the body, usually in fat tissues, until they can be safely released; and that may be years down the line, and in some cases, only released when you detoxify. This is why some people feel worse for a few days when on a detox diet, or on a weight-loss diet, as toxins are released from fat cells as they break down.

For most people a standard detoxification program lasts one week, and can be done perhaps twice a year such as at the beginning of the year and mid-year. Start on the weeked, or do it at a time when you do not have too much going on. However, provided the detox diet you are following is well balanced, there is no reason why you cannot follow it in principle full-time. It has to be said that the best way to keep your detoxification potential at its best is to not consume foods and drinks containing toxins.

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