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How do you identify a good-quality vitamin supplement ?

As with most things you pay for quality, so within reason, price is a place to start. The cheapest supplements are usually so for a reason - cheaper forms of nutrients, or lower amounts, are used. For example, iron sulphate is less absorbable than iron amino acid chelate, and natural vitamin E (called d-alpha tocopherol) is more potent than synthetic. So look for supplements tht use natural forms of nutrients, absorbable forms of minerals (citrate, ascorbates or amino acid chelates) and the right kind of dosage. A couple of yardsticks for a good quality multivitamin are that it should contain at least 25 milligrams of each of the B vitamins and 10 milligrams of zinc. Capsules are no better absorbed than tablets, but with these you are not getting added extras like colourings or sugar coating. A reputable company will also list all ingredients and state that the product is free from colourings and undesirable additives - so always check the small print.

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