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How do i know what vitamins i need ?

Taking vitamins is a sure way to optimize your health, but remember that supplements are just that - an adjunct to a good diet.

The basis of any supplement programme is a good high-strength multivitamin / mineral plus 1 gram of vitamin C. A good multi should contain all the vitamins and minerals, with between 25 - 50 milligrams of each of the B vitamins and 10 milligrams of zinc. I also take take an anti-oxidant formula giving extra beta-carotene, C and E, with extras such as anthocyanidins because they protect from pollution and slow down aging.

Since everyone is unique, the best way to find out exactly what you need is to have a good personal asssesment by a nutritional therapist. They take your diet, your lifestyle and and your current health signs and symptoms into account. If necessary they can also run tests to find what you are lacking and what you need to be superhealthy.

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