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Have you got any nutritional suggestions to stop greying hair ?

The straight, honest answer to that is no (otherwise so many people may not have such distinguished tints at their temples). The colour of your hair is determined by the concentration of the pigment melanin in it. But when the melanocytes die, the pigment is broken down and the hair eventually turns white.

There is some evidence that in prematurely greying hair, a deficiency in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, may be speeding up the natural process of greying. So it is certainly worth supplementing an all round multivitamin or B complex supplement. But there could be other factors involved. High levels of stress or a big shock haven been known to rapidly speed up greying. What is actually happening in these unusual cases is that people lose more of the non-grey hairs, so they apper to have suddenly gone grey. 

In truth, it takes many months for a hair to go grey. Both stress hormones and melanin, the stuff that colours hair, are derived from the amino acid tyrosine. Theoretically, reducing stress and supplementing tyrosine (1g a day) might help, but there is no hard evidence. So it is recommended that you enjoy your natural, greying hair colour; quite a few woman regard it as chic. Or use natural vegetable dyes to hide it, available from healthfood shops.

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