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Detox Programmes

The body, and most of all the liver, is permanently detoxifying. It makes safe all the breakdown products that results from 'burning' carbohydrate for energy and from utilising proteins, as well as all the potentially harmful substances that we both make and consume every day. 

The body spends a vast amount of time and energy keeping you safe, not only from the 'exhaust' from you normal body processes, but also from toxins in food, water and air. Much of this is done by the body's intelligent chemistry by rendering a harmful substance harmless by effectively cuffing it to other molecules through a process called conjugation, which can then be escorted out of the body. But when you have too many toxins and an overworked liver, you start to suffer all sorts of minor, then major health problems. A detox programme that supports your liver can get you back on track.

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