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What symptoms can one expect to experience during a detoxification programme ?

During a detox your body is 'throwing off' a lot of toxins and you can feel worse before you feel better. Some people mistakenly think they are doing the wrong thing when their symptoms worsen, though this is a short-term stage in the process and may actually be a good sign.

Common symptoms include headaches, acne, general malaise, fatigue and joint pain, though i should say that it will manifest differently in different people. If you have blood sugar problems, leaving out sugar, alcohol and other stimulants will result in blood sugar imbalance symptoms such as tiredness, poor concentration and memory, cravings, dizziness and a need for frequent meals. Detox diets are not recommended for people with diabetes unless they include carefully measured amounts of carbohydrates. Be aware that detox symptoms should not persist for more than three to five days and often do not happen at all if you take in enough nutrients, especially antioxidants, which help the liver detoxify.

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