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Can you take too many supplements and are there certain combinations to avoid ?

If you are pregnant, don't supplement more than 3000 micrograms of retinol, the animal form of vitamin A. Theoretically, you can supplement too much vitamin B6 ( 1 gram a day is potentially harmful) and vitamin D ( above 3 grams can be toxic), but these are massive amounts,, 10 times higher than what you can find in most megadose supplements.

You have to be more careful with minerals. As little as 3000 milligrams of ferrous sulphate can cause death in an infant. Some prescribed iron supplements provide 300 milligrams. Therefore, supplements containing a significant of iron should be kept in a childproof container away from children. Since iron competes with zinc for absorption, don't take extra iron without taking extra zinc. Zinc also competes with copper. You need 10 times more zinc than copper. That's why you are much better off starting by taking an all-round multivitamin/mineral supplement, then adding individual minerals as you need them.

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