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Can vitamin C stop the Pill from working ?

There was a concern that vitamin C could make oestrogen more potent, though this has been thoroughly investigated and shown not to be the case. There is one other concern about vitamin C in relation to the Pill: it can cause loose stools if taken in excess, and diarrhoea, as you probably know, can stop the Pill from working. Again, as the problem with diarrhoe is that is usually involves and infection and/or reduced absorption (of the food and the Pill), whereas the loose stools caused by excessive vitamin C do not involve a reduced nutrient absorption, and so should not affect the Pill's effectiveness. In other words, vitamin C is fine to take when you are on the Pill.

But you have to decide for yourself. The Pill isn't 100 per cent effective, so should it fail, you can't know whether it was because of the vitamin C or not. Therefore, most take a very cautionary line and recommend no more than 1 gram of vitamin C per day if you are on the Pill. This is a reasonable position. If you need more vitamin C, consider another form of contraception.

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