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Can Alzheimer's ever be reversed ?

Yes, it can. The best case i know is that of Tom Warren. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1983 and was told by his doctor that he might have as long as seven years to live and there wasn't anything he could do. Brain scans confirmed that his brain was effectively shrinking. But today, Tom is completely cured of his dementia. His brain scans are normal and his mind is in tip-top condition. He has written two books about his experience (Beating Alzheimer's and Reversing Chronic Disease). His remarkable method involved getting all the mercury out of his mouth, dramatically improving his nutrition with diet and supplements, and eliminating all the substances he was allergic and chemically sensitive to.

It is believed that many people who are heading down the path towards Alzheimer's are 'intoxicated' by environmental poisons - of which mercury from fillings is a prime candidate - and sub-optimally nourished. The brain, like any other organ, cannot survive under these circumstances. It is unheard of anyone reversing Alzheimer's with pescribed medication. However, it takes immense courage and determination to make all the changes to reverse such a condition. The important point is that it can be done, as Tom Warren's story shows.

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