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Are mercury fillings dangerous ?

Mercury is one of the most toxic elements known to Man, and is being banned from virtually all uses. In some countries you can no longer buy mercury thermometers. Yet an equivalent amount of mercury is found in an amalgam or silver filling. These fillings are composed of roughly half mercury and they are only inches away from your brain! Quite rightly, a growing number of dentists are alarmed at their potential danger and no longer recommend amalgam fillings.

The question of whether or not those with mercury fillings should have them removed is a bit trickier. The truth is that many people do not appear to suffer at all from mercury fillings, while others find huge relief from symptomes such as depression, low immunity, fatigue and headaches when their fillings are removed. Tom Warren, a man who had Alzheimer's disease, proven by brain scans, and who has made an almost complete recovery within one month of having his 26 mercury fillings removed!

If you do have any unexplained health problems that your doctor cannot explain, from memory loss to multiple sclerosis, it is worth checking whether your fillings might be part of the cause. If you decide to have your fillings out, how they are taken out is very important. Make sure your dentist is up on the procedure for minimising your accumulation of mercury when the filling is extracted. If in doubt please contact your local ministry for dental care. There are many good composite materials, for which you can be compatibility tested, that can be used instead.

As well as having the amalgam fillings removed and replaced by non-toxic materials, it is important to detoxify the body with a good intake of fibre (especially pectin in apples and pears), sulphur-containing amino acids such as cysteine and glutathione (found in eggs, onions, garlic and good antioxidant supplements), and extra supplemental vitamin C, zinc and selenium (also present in seafood, seeds and wholegrains).

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